Protect your API. Protect your Business.

Preventing attacks in real time by creating custom-tailored security

Whether your business is accessible via mobile or web application, IoT or a third party, your business depends on an API. The amount of APIs is growing exponentially, providing access for more and more customers. Unfortunately, cyber attackers see this as a greater opportunity to transform your success into their target. How do you know if you are safe?

Many organizations have significant network security in place but it’s not enough as 84% of all cyber-attacks are happening on the application layer.

How attackers gain access through your APIs


Every attack begins with the same phase: reconnaissance. During this time, an attacker learn your API’s expected usage.


The attacker then begins to actively research your company’s endpoints for vulnerabilities through trial-and-error attempts which your API is not anticipating.

You Are Breached

Since most of these attempts aren't violating signature and rule based security solutions, they go unnoticed until a breach actually occurs.

Are You Protected?

Late detection

By the time your figured out there was a breach, it's too late.

Unknown unknowns

Your API is unique. Your vulnerabilities are unique.

Snowball effect

Your application keeps adding features which adds more vulnerabilities.

Secful to The Rescue

Leveraging Big Data Analytics to learn each of your unique APIs' behavior, Secful detects attackers at the earliest stage of an attack, the reconnaissance stage, allowing you to be truly restful.

Tailor-made Security

Leverage big data from your legitimate users’ traffic to generates a unique behavior of your API and base on that, detect any abnormal activities within your API without depending on signature based detection.

Many Attacks. One Attacker

Companies today are drowning in false alerts, rendering current security futile. Secful connects-the-dots between detected attempts, to provide a single attacker profile which contains a real-time attack-timeline.

Fully Automated

Secful’s automated system eliminates the need for manual processes such as rules and policy updates and personnel training. We harness the power of intelligent learning and automated detection so you don’t have to work hard.

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